Seeking peace

There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.

~Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar, Chapter 2

All yesterday long, I felt out of sorts, like my body and mind were at odds with each other. Carrying this agitated state around with me inside and out made for an unpleasant kind of day stuck at home with my oldest child wrestling with her own level of health, and two young ones needing their Mommy for every little thing—all day long. I was spent as my mind sought peace and my body wished for rest. The peace and rest could not come until the day was winding down toward night, and certainly not until my husband was home safe and sound from the office and here to help me get the time away that I desperately needed—even if it meant just 30 minutes to myself in a homemade spa retreat just steps away behind the bathroom door.

To get through the physical and emotional pain plaguing my overall mood and abilities, I gave myself a gift I don’t often bestow upon myself—I took mini-breaks throughout the day and put away the mental to-do list. So what if I put off cleaning the bathrooms on my self-imposed designated day? It would get cleaned tomorrow, perhaps. What did it matter if I hadn’t showered and put on a respectable outfit for once? I would offer up the sacrifice for those without running water or access to such luxuries that are too often taken for granted here and throughout the world in other countries blessed with the means of daily cleansing and abundant amenities. And I like to believe that I was giving my girls (especially) a gift, as well in that we can still choose to act kind and beautiful even if we don’t feel that way on the outside or within.

As the day progressed, I plotted my hour or so of peace and serenity. Once my love had eaten and we had the chance to catch up, I exited the household to run a few errands and pick up the supplies I needed for a homemade spa retreat. Scouring the internet as I do while rocking my toddler to sleep, I searched the web on my trusty iTouch for a list of frugal ways to help soothe a mind and body into a more pleasant, calmer state. What I found was an abundance of homemade bath recipes for a growing list of ailments that plague us all. After making a mental note of key ingredients that I didn’t have on hand in my pantry, I wrote out a short list, tucked the white page into my wallet, and went about making the best of my day, biting my tongue when exhaustion gave way to criticisms or unkindness, taking deeper breaths, and offering up my agitated state for anyone suffering far greater than I.

Recipe for a Calming Bath (to ease stress, anxiety, agitation, sluggishness)

Ingredients and supplies:

1 small or medium mixing bowl

1 clean recycled jar or Ball jar

2 measuring cups (1 cup or larger)

1 Cup Epsom salts

1 Cup Baking Soda

1 Cup Sea Salt

1 Cup Vinegar (white or apple cider)

100% pure Lavender essential oil


  • Add Epsom salts, baking soda, and sea salt into the mixing bowl or Ball jar.
  • Stir completely with a wooden spoon or spatula.
  • Pour vinegar into measuring cup to add to bathtub later. Bring along the Lavender.
  • Start your bath water and err on the side of a warmer temperature so that you get a little steam.
  • Add the dry ingredients from the mixing bowl or Ball jar directly to the bath.
  • Pour in vinegar (water will bubble and fizz a bit.)
  • Shake bottle of Lavender into the water until you can smell the scent of the oil. Add more if you’d like.

Soak and enjoy!


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