Beautifully ordinary

It is always the simple that produces the marvelous. ~Amelia Barr


Moonlight glows inside

to a gentle rise and fall,

Heart to heart they rest.

Summoned by the dryness of my mouth, I brought with me a neglected water-glass in need of a refill an hour ago and softly shuffled into the dimly lit kitchen. Emanating from the living room, a soft glow and hum traveled from the 37″ screen across the open space to where I stood watching my overworked husband cradle Baby Girl on his chest. As they lay together on our ancient, worn out couch decoratively covered in a faded green slip-cover from Pottery Barn–a wedding gift from over a decade ago–their breath came in unison. Lifting the Brita pitcher to my glass, I quietly watched the man I love will our youngest child to sleep upon his chest. I stayed a minute more to soak up this little piece of everyday joy, wishing I had a camera within reach to capture their shared moment of peace.

Not wanting to disturb their bonding time nor comforting slumber, I parted their presence by carefully tip-toeing back to the front room office and to my work–closing the french door behind me without making a sound. Inside the cocoon of my main writing space, my heart was light. I remained filled with a happy contentment garnered from witnessing the simple, gentle embrace of a father and his daughter snuggled together by the light of the moon.

Beside me, the water-glass is filled to the brim, offering refreshment for the night while I keep going a little while longer at the screen. And as I begin a new hour, I peacefully contemplate the incredible profoundness of simpler moments woven intricately by quiet gestures of love in an otherwise ordinary day.


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