Inspiring thoughts

Our moments of inspiration are not lost though we have no particular poem to show for them; for those experiences have left an indelible impression, and we are ever and anon reminded of them.

 ~ Henry David Thoreau


Inspiration has been on my mind lately.  Where would we be without the type of inspiration that takes hold of us so strongly that it shakes our entire perspective and quite possibly changes our lives for the better? This intense kind of life-changing inspiration might ignite a CEO to volunteer in a third world country sparked to utilize his business prowess in order to positively affect the landscape of a desperate nation. Or, perhaps this stronghold inspiration wills a child to see beyond himself–no matter the litany of criticisms directed at him–to knock away all nay-sayers in his path in order to free his heart and chase after his deeply woven dreams. This enigmatic inspiration might wake a mother in the still of the night to contemplate her ways–her daily attitude, the harsh tone of voice, all the times she is missing out on the beauty around her–found in the eyes, hearts, minds, and souls of the children she has been blessed to raise. Maybe now she rises in the morning with a greater sense of purpose, a calmer way about her, soft-spoken and radiating kindness to her family–all due to inspiration willing this mother to change.

Inspiration of this magnitude must come from Heaven above for it is not created by man alone. Divine, incredible, game-changing, life-altering inspiration that is meant for the greater good in a person’s life and the world abound won’t leave one’s mind alone—no—it infiltrates the heart, runs through the veins like new blood, and becomes sustenance until the metamorphosis occurs in full. It takes hold and never loosens its grip. Inspiration like this changes the world.

In my pondering state, I started a cognitive list of the people, places, events, and even the things I’ve seen or heard that have inspired me the most in my life. The greatest movement and change in my heart has happened by the magical swirl of words written by a multitude of authors and the quiet, unassuming, awe-inspiring actions of other human beings. Reading has ignited my passions and many a story has changed my perspective by stretching and stirring me from the inside out, ultimately capturing my heart in profound, lasting ways. Then there are those authentic people I’ve been privileged to meet whom have given me the gift of inspiration simply by living their lives with integral passion, whose purpose is beyond themselves and whose profound actions whisper greatness.

Inspiration is all around us if we just open our eyes to the miracle of possibilities. Myself, I am looking out for daily inspiration in a world that can feel hopeless at times. I’m hoping to find radical ways to be an inspiration to others, as well. I’m curious about who or what has inspired you. Who or what has been your largest source of inspiration? How did a new thought or passion change your life? Where do you find daily inspiration? Have you been an inspiration to others recently? Please share.


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