The beauty within

If you tell God “no” because He won’t explain the reason He wants you to do something, you are actually hindering His blessing. But when you say “yes” to Him, all of heaven opens to pour out His goodness and reward your obedience. What matters more than material blessings are the things He is teaching us in our spirit. ~ Charles Stanley


Up late at night in a state of calm and relaxation, yet not quite asleep, my mind stirs questioning the heart, “How can I use my writing to bless those around me and beyond?”  All my life, I have known my propensity to write was inspired by God. For, it’s something so unearthly about what is felt inside when I unify a pen to paper. The very act of writing sets off something deep inside so cosmic and rare that it certainly is not borne of me alone. It is my profound belief that He gave me the gift of writing to help heal me from my past, to carry me through the tremendous ups and downs I faced from birth until now, and to sustain me until I am called home to my final resting place. At this point in my life, I feel as if the Lord is calling me to use my gift to write for a greater purpose. For what is that greater good? It is yet to be revealed. However, I know I’m getting closer to the divine answer, for this I am certain. As I allow myself to remain awake in the wee hours of the night, I pray and contemplate on a path that will not only feel fulfilling to me, but most importantly, glorify Him.

Throughout the years, I have actively told God, “No!” when I felt the pull to write—in pure honesty—because of my doubts or selfish ways. I feared so much back then, how much the truth of my past would be revealed, for one, but also that I was not good enough to write. I had little faith in myself and my Maker. I’m ashamed of that now. And for so long, I feared failure even before starting. So, anytime I felt the urge to write seriously, I found excuses and distractions to keep me from His call. I have wasted precious time by refusing to believe in myself and by not trusting in the Lord to carry me through the process that ultimately I was made for. The catalyst to start writing again, more than just the occasional journal entry, was first in growing my faith then realizing that I had finally found my place in this world.

My source of earthly fulfillment comes from my dual role as wife and mother. The often-jagged journey in getting here reveals so much richness and truth that I could no longer ignore my inner-self wanting to write about the tremendous time it has been—I had to start writing my motherhood story without delay.  Once I finally said “Yes!” to my heart I have felt more like the person I was created to be. Finally having the courage to say “yes” to all He has asked of me has been freeing and fulfilling. It is opening up doors, unlocking my heart and quieting my mind to discover words connected to profoundly deep personal experiences. Writing is hopefully helping me along the way toward my daily pursuit of becoming a better, more humble, happier, and content woman, wife, and mother, as well. God has brought me to this place in my life and still, it’s not perfect, but at least I no longer fear putting my unique talent to use. I also want my kids to see that I have a gift that I cherish and enjoy, and that whatever unique ability they are blessed to enjoy, I hope nothing stands in their way—least not their own self-doubts.

As a busy mother, it’s so easy to forget that you’re an individual, too. We mothers matter just as much to ourselves as we do to our husband and children. God created us for more–for goodness, beauty, and truth. On this quiet summer evening, I pray that you find some quiet time to reflect on that which you were made for–to find and nurture your own gifts and dreams–to discover the goodness, beauty, and truth hiding deep inside. Wherever your talent and fulfillment comes from, I hope you are blessing yourself and the Lord today by taking some time to hone your unique skills and to renew long-forgotten passions. After all, He made us for these personal loves, these unique and life-fulfilling purposes. Take pride in your unique gifts and use them for the greater good, feel yourself grow happier in using these talents, and experience the pure and powerful growth in your heart and life as you glorify God by putting His unique design of you to further greatness.

How will you use your God-given abilities today? How will you bless yourself, someone else, and God today with the gifts that are inherently you?


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