A Mother’s Reflection on Rest and Rejuvenation

“What is the scent of water?”
“Renewal. The goodness of God coming down like dew.”
― Elizabeth GoudgeThe Scent of Water


An excerpt from my journal, dated September 16, 2013:

Soon, I head out on a much-needed vacation that was masterminded by none other than my mother. She and I, along with my two sisters will be on an early morning flight tomorrow. And in less than two hours from our departure point, we will land in the city I love so dearly. After gathering our small amount of belongings, I will rent a compact car, and together, we will travel south to the lower peninsula of the state. After filling ourselves with a nutritious and indulgent meal and quite possibly some lattes and dessert, we will board a ferry-boat headed for a notoriously quaint and hip island.  Once the 45-minute sea voyage has ended, we will disembark from the lower deck of the passage boat and find ourselves, a mere 3.1 miles from port, embarking upon the final destination of our journey–and to a home that we will claim all for ourselves during the next five days and four nights before us.

On this north-eastern island, I have no plans except to spend overdue quality time with my mother and sisters and find a way to relax and reinvigorate myself, rejuvenate my health, and recharge my inner-battery. During this time, I will write and read, walk and partake in a yoga class or two, visit bookstores and island shops, perhaps indulge in a deep tissue massage or facial, go sight-seeing through all the touristy island haunts, photograph what catches my eye, subsist on fresh seafood and seasonal fruits and veggies. And dare I say it? Sleep in. However lofty my vacation plans, the only truly important goal I hold for myself this week is to come back home a noticeably calmer version of myself.

Am I blessed beyond compare that I can take a half-week to just be still? To spend whole hours in solitude in order to find a way back to myself? To know that I deserve this time to be alone, but in the company of my kin? Absolutely. And I eagerly anticipate getting there, backed only by the comforting notion that this mini-vacation is coming true only by the multitude of sacrifices of my husband, children, and especially, my mom.   


Stay tuned as I “write the island” in my forthcoming blog posts. Until then, I would love to read your comments. And, I am curious to know:

Have you ever visited Martha’s Vineyard? If so, what was your most treasured memory of the island?  If you haven’t been to Martha’s Vineyard, tell me then, where have you vacationed to purposefully recharge yourself? Also, what are some ways that you reinvigorate your mind, body, and spirit throughout the year when a vacation isn’t possible? 



  1. Rebecca says:

    You know I want to go there! In 1995, at the age of 12, I saw the “Sabrina” remake with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond. They visit Martha’s Vineyard. I have wanted to go there ever since. I think the scene with the bicycle-riding was the clincher!

    1. purdywords says:

      You definitely need to put Martha’s Vineyard on your bucket list. Everywhere I turned, I saw something that I knew would interest and delight you! It’s a beautiful, serene vacation–especially in the off-season.

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