Grateful for the Words: Giving Thanks Day Four (30 Days of Thanks)

“Writers live twice.”
—Natalie Goldberg


It’s not an easy story to tell, this life of mine, this journey I am living out now and the paths I have crossed long ago. Despite the trials, I’m surviving and often, I think, thriving even with new challenges thrown my way. This intricate, complex life of mine makes for a great story to tell. At the very least, I’m determined to try to make sense of it all on paper.

Some won’t like what I have to say—not one bit. Others won’t care what I have to say—not at all. Actually, the point of all my writing is not for the approval or praise, but for purpose–my own. Publication one day is a goal, of course. Though, I keep my current focus on building writer discipline and refining my creative skills in order to make up for all the years I wasted on other frivolous pastimes while ignoring the call to write. The point is that I’m writing all the time now and I can’t seem to stop. That’s real passion.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention here that I have the amazingly talented author and writing teacher, Kate Hopper to thank for helping me gain back the confidence I lost years ago after I put my writing aside. Last fall, I took a chance on myself and signed up for the first writing class I have taken in over a decade, an online section of Kate’s course Motherhood and Words. Her phenomenal writer’s guidebook in conjunction with the online class helped me to discover my own writer’s voice–the one I have been searching for all these years.

On social media today, I expressed my gratitude for the writing passion burning from deep inside me; for the catharsis and enjoyment I garner from writing that keeps me intact and makes me whole. Writing is such a release, and tremendously fulfilling. Last autumn, I promised myself that as long as I am given new days ahead, I will spend them writing. So far, I’m making good on that promise.



  1. Kate Hopper says:

    Oh my dear, thank you! And I’m so glad you are writing your story, that you are making good on that promise to yourself. We will all benefit!!

    1. purdywords says:

      Thanks so much, Kate! xo

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